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The main character, in a(n interesting, at least for me) move that implied walking away from what was expected, decided, envisioned, went and started the glorious:

Vegan Quesadillas Food Truck 1

A bike-and-solar-powered terrestrial vehicle (the aquatic adaptations were in the making) capable of bringing the flavor of mexican and experimental plant-fungi-and/or-bacteria-based food around the (reachable) world!

Computing was left aside but in a way it allowed for this other project to happen. From an electronically-interconected and screen-based way of living, some resources could be gathered to achieve this tangible (and delicious) alternative to "service providing".

What a difference, to be able to touch the ingredients-components, to be able to develop a sense of timing, patience (these repetitions can't be scripted), to be able to see an immediate, almost-non-controversial, benefit in the people gathering to "receive the results", i.e. to eat.

Are you wondering if there is an eating environment accompanied with solar-powered electronic music around the vehicle? Yes, there is! And the soundscape is in concert with simpler devices moving with the wind and/or the heat from the comal.

The food making equipment (minimalist, I would say) can be retracted to allow for sleeping and movement.

What adventures (either based on travelling, on routine or on collapse) wait ahead of the tripulation of VQFT-1? Let's find out!

(written on 12021-01-06)

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